What we do

LBI offers services to meet the technological needs of the clients. We collect IT assets from the clients and refurbish them to enhance usability and reduce electronic waste while contributing to the circular economy. Our procedures and IT solutions comply with the new legislation and recycling obligations. This gives our customers a return on investment to finance the purchase of their new equipment.

LBI has built an infrastructure capable of securely collecting the IT assets from the customer, data destruction, and recycling equipment, ensuring environmental compliance and reduced cost.

Our commitment to data security is tireless. We understand the risks associated with securely managing your IT assets and implement innovative service solutions for our clients across every sector.

LBI has been diligently developed to fulfill the needs of our clients. We pride ourselves in providing friendly services with the utmost professionalism that has helped us build a trustworthy relationship with our clientele. Our skilled experts work as a team to achieve our goals that facilitate our focus on providing value and creating an environmentally sustainable solution for the clients. With our customer-centric approach, we have helped numerous businesses and individuals with refurbished IT equipment. The professionals at LBI bring together their ideas and experience in the field to create opportunities that provide excellent customer experience.

To guarantee 100% information security, we ensure all data is destroyed while adhering to industry standards. LBI pays special attention to your confidential data and ensures privacy so it can never be used by anyone. Clients being the focus of our services, we make reselling and repurchasing of computer parts easier.

We commit to deliver customer satisfaction, data security, and professionalism that enables us to work with the mission to achieve excellence by providing quality services. Our solutions are ideal for providing effective and efficient services to meet the needs of the clients.