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We aim to provide our customers with credible and affordable services they need at dire times. Our customer service and satisfaction are guaranteed and backed up by excellent solutions tailor-made to meet customers’ needs.

Computer and Phone Pickup

We visit your location to assess your IT assets and provide you with a quick and organized solution.

Data Destruction

We ensure to destroy all of your confidential data and guarantee optimum privacy of your information. provided by experienced technician

Buyback Computer Services

Our experts restore your PC equipment extending its life, ensuring the best value at the time of buyback.

Creative Student Internships

We offer internships to students allowing them to learn and work in a team for better company development.

About Us

L.B.I. offers services to meet the technological needs of the clients. We collect IT assets from the clients and refurbish them to enhance usability and reduce electronic waste while contributing to the circular economy. Our procedures and IT solutions comply with the new legislation and recycling obligations.

This gives our customers a return on investment to finance the purchase of their new equipment.

L.B.I. has built an infrastructure capable of securely collecting the IT assets from the customer, data destruction, and recycling equipment, ensuring environmental compliance and reduced cost.

Our commitment to data security is tireless. We understand the risks associated with securely managing your IT assets and implement innovative service solutions for our clients across every sector.


We sell laptop lot and desktop computer, SSD, call us at 438-398-8998 for more details 

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Lot of parts such as: cpu, gpu, memory, hard drive, SSD, M.2 and NVME,
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